County Administrator’s Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

January 2, 2001

6:00 p.m.



Call to Order – Kit Smith

Invocation – Jim Tuten

Election of Chair – Elected Kit Smith to serve as Chair during 2001.

Election of Vice-Chair – Elected Greg Pearce to serve as Vice-Chair during 2001.

Selection of Seats – Council Members selected their seats.

Adoption of Agenda – Adopted with change of removing 2b from second reading items, and the addition of citizen’s input following the adoption of the agenda.

Citizen’s Input – One citizen spoke.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items

  1. McClanahan vs. Richland County – Reported that is item is a legal briefing to be held in executive session.

Report of County Administrator

  1. Detention Center Advisory Committee – Announced that the meeting scheduled for January 8th at 10:00 am has been rescheduled for January 22nd at 10:00 am.

Opening/Closing of Public Hearings – Public hearings were held for the following items:

    — CASA: Full-Time Grant Position for Staff Attorney

    — Participation in Southeast High Speed Rail Study

    — Budget Amendment: Township Renovations

    — Ordinance Authorizing an Expenditure for the USC Arena

Approval of Consent Items

  1. a. Legal: Paid Absence for Voting – Third reading approval given to an ordinance amendment that adds general election day as a day on which County employees are granted a two-hour paid leave of absence to vote. Action: Legal/Human Resources
  2. CASA: Full-Time Grant Position Staff Attorney – Third reading approval of an ordinance amending the FY 2000/01 budget to add one full-time grant position for a staff attorney. Action: Casa/Human Resources
  3. Participation in Southeast High Speed Rail Study – Third reading approval of a budget amendment in the amount of $7,500 to help fund an economic impact study to convince Congress and Amtrak to consider the Southeast as the next area for high speed rail travel. Action: Finance/Administration
  4. Ordinance Authorizing an Expenditure for the USC Arena - Third reading approval of transfer of $2,500,000 in tourism development fees from the County to the University of South Carolina to assist with construction. Action: Finance
  5. Detention Center: Privatization of Medical Services – Second reading approval to a budget amendment to add $308,689.00 from undesignated, unreserved funds to the Detention Center’s medical budget to cover the unbudgeted amount of this contract with Prison Health Services. Info: Detention Center/Procurement
  6. Resolution Vacating Richland County’s Property Interest in Robertson Creek Road – Approved Resolution relinquishing the County’s interest, and removing the road from the County maintenance system. Action: Legal

1. Third Reading Item

  1. Budget Amendment: Township Renovations – Deferred until next Council Meeting in order for a funding strategy to be completed. Info: Administration

2. Report of Administration and Finance Committee

  1. Central Carolina Economic Development Alliance: Old/New Agreements – Deferred to next Council Meeting. Info: Legal/Administration

3. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee (Deferred from 12/19/00 Council Meeting)

  1. Appointment to the Planning Commission – Appointed Larry M. McBride. Action: Clerk Of Council

4. Citizen’s Input – One citizen spoke.

5. Executive Session

  1. Legal Briefing: McClanahan vs. Richland County – Received as information.
6. Motion Period/Announcements
  1. Brill – Reminded Council of community meeting on January 4th at 7:00 pm at the Rebohoth Baptist Church for the purpose of discussing the Kahn Development.

7. Adjournment