County Administrator’s Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

February 6, 2001

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order – Kit Smith

Invocation – Jim Tuten

Adoption of Agenda – Adopted with the addition of a Resolution Consenting to Transfer of Control of Benchmark Media to Adelphia Communications.

Citizen’s Input – Several citizens spoke.

Approval Of Minutes

— Zoning Public Hearing, January 23, 2001 – Adopted as submitted.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items - Items 2e, 6a and 6b are potentially executive session items.

Report of County Administrator

  1. Ambassador of the Year – Reminded Council of the Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassador of the Year Award breakfast held on February 7th at 7:30 am.
  2. Fax from Citizen – The County Administrator, at the request of Ms. Sylvia S. Drummond, read into the record her letter concerning Cloud Sanitation.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – Mr. Darren Gore distributed the reports to Council and Mr. Tom McNeish from Elliot Davis & Company gave a brief overview of the major findings in the report.

Approval of Consent Items

  1. Circuit Court: Alternative Method for Selecting Grand Jurors – Third reading approval given to an ordinance amendment that authorizes the use of the "Alternative Method of Selecting and Impaneling Grand Juries" under section 14-7-1960 of the State Code of Laws which limits the term of service of any individual Grand Juror to a twelve month period. Action: Clerk of Court/Legal
  2. 01-24MA, Joe Clark for Doris Barnwell and Theresa Boney, from RU to PDD, Lee Road – Second reading approval of this rezoning request. Info: Planning/Legal
  3. 01-32MA, Allen Watson, from RU to M-1, 10645 Wilson Boulevard - Second reading approval of this rezoning request. Info: Planning/Legal
  4. 01-35MA, Harold Pickrel for South Carolina Future Farmers, from C-3 to M-1, Alpine Road - Second reading approval of this rezoning request. Info: Planning/Legal
  5. 01-36MA, John T. Bakhaus for Harvey G. Moore, from D-1 to M-1, Farrow Road - Second reading approval of this rezoning request. Info: Planning/Legal
  6. An Ordinance Amending the Richland County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 20, Planning, Article IV; Interim Zoning and Land Development, Section 20-41, Evaluation and Recommendations; So as to Amend the Required Time Period for Reviews – Second reading approval given to this ordinance amendment extending the deadline for evaluation and recommendations pertaining to the Comprehensive Plan. Info: Planning

1. Second Reading Items

  1. 01-26MA, Alan B. Kahn, Clemson University, from C-1 to RG-2 and C-3, NE Corner of Northsprings and Clemson Roads - Second reading approval of this rezoning request. Info: Planning/Legal
  2. 01-14MA, Sheila Barnette for Jasper Nelums, from D-1 to C-3, 716 Kennerly Road - Second reading approval of this rezoning request. Info: Planning/Legal

2. Report of Development and Services Committee

  1. Purchase: Track Loader for the Road Maintenance Division of Public Works – Approved an award of contract in the amount of $137,974.00 to Blanchard Machinery for a track loader. Action: Public Works/Procurement
  2. Change Order in Solid Waste Collection Contracts – Approved a change order to set the base for fuel costs at $1.00 per gallon, with increases of 1% for every .10 per gallon of fuel over $1.00, to be capped at 5%. As fuel costs go up, so would the collector rates, for a maximum of 5% over the current rates. As fuel costs go down, so would the collector rates, but not lower than the current rates. Action: Solid Waste/Procurement
  3. Resolution to Rescind a Resolution Relinquishing the County’s Interest in Robertson Creek Road – Disapproved. Info: Legal
  4. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Stormwater Management – Deferred first reading until March 20, at which time further amendments will be considered. Info: Clerk Of Council/Public Works/Legal/Administration
  5. Approval of an Ordinance Authorizing a Development Agreement between Richland County, South Carolina and Village at Sandhill, LLC, and Other Matters Related Thereto – Taken up in executive session.

3. Report of Administration and Finance Committee

  1. GIS: Two New Full-Time Positions – Withdrawn. Info: Information Technology
  2. Information Technology: PBX Phone System – Authorized staff to negotiate and award a contract to Sprint, not to exceed the estimated annual costs for deployment, and encumber the initial $250,000.00 from a bond issue to pay for the first year costs. Also requested that staff bring to Council periodic updates on the progress of this contract negotiation and deployment. Action: Information Technology/Procurement/Administration
  3. Finance: Budget Calendar – Adopted with the addition of a work session on February 13th at 5:00 pm. Action: Finance/Administration

4. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee

  1. Appointments to the Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals – No applications were received; therefore, the positions will be advertised. Action: Clerk Of Council
  2. Appointment to the Employee Grievance Committee – Appointed Mr. Wendell M. Patton, IV, to fill one expired term. Action: Clerk Of Council
  3. Appointment to the Historic Columbia Foundation – Deferred. Action: Clerk Of Council
  4. Appointments to the Midlands Commission on Homelessness – Appointed Mr. John L. Bradley, Mr. J.W. "Jake" Clamp, and Ms. Janice K. Hines to fill three expired terms. Action: Clerk Of Council
  5. Appointment to the Planning Commission – Deferred. Action: Clerk Of Council
  6. Appointments to the Board of Zoning and Appeals – Appointed Ms. Kim Formy Duval and Mr. Napoleon Tolbert, Jr. to fill two newly appointed terms. Action: Clerk Of Council
  7. Notification of Vacancies on the Building Board of Adjustment and Appeal – Received as information this notice to re-advertise these positions. Action: Clerk Of Council

5. Resolution Consenting To The Transfer Of Control From Benchmark Media, Inc. To Adelphia Communications Corporation – Approved. Action: Administration

6. Economic Development Matters

  1. Project Spider – Withdrawn.
  2. Economic Development Alliance Agreement (new agreement) – Approved Resolution authorizing termination of an April 23, 1993 Intergovernmental Agreement establishing the Central Carolina Economic Development Alliance, due to the Alliance becoming a separate legal entity from the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce subsequent to execution of the Agreement, and the Agreement no longer being an accurate reflection of the Alliance’s current organizational needs or goals. Also approved a replacement Agreement which establishes the basis for the County’s annual funding of the Alliance. Action: Legal/Administration

7. Executive Session

a. Contractual Matter: Approval of an Ordinance Authorizing a Development Agreement between Richland County, South Carolina and Village at Sandhill, LLC and Other Matters Related Thereto - First reading given by title only as negotiations continue. Also appointed a task force of Council Members Brill, McEachern and Tuten to oversee staff negotiations of the development agreement with the company. Action: Planning/Legal/Administration

8. Motion Period/Announcements

  1. Meetze – Requested that the County Attorney provide a report on the Broad River Wastewater Treatment Plant. Action: Legal
  2. Scott – Requested staff to schedule a meeting with Richland County, City of Columbia, Lexington County, City of Cayce, City of West Columbia, School District One and Columbia Venture. Referred to Development and Services Committee for discussion. Action: Administration
  3. Scott – Requested that the March 6th Council Meeting be rescheduled due to Council Members’ attendance of NACo conference. Council moved to cancel March 6th meeting and reschedule it for Wednesday, March 7th. Action: Clerk of Council
  4. Pearce – Moved to adopt Proclamation naming February as Consumer Protection Month during this meeting as opposed to forwarding item to committee. Unanimously approved. Action: Administration
  5. Pearce – Requested that the County explore the possibility of hiring a communications specialist to advocate for the County in Washington, D.C. regarding relevant congressional issues. Referred to Administration and Finance Committee. Action: Administration
  6. Livingston – Requested that a briefing on the Ridgewood Initiative be placed on the Development and Services Committee. Action: Administration
  7. Mizzell – Requested that the County Administrator bring closure to his previous request for a meeting with the SC Technology Alliance. Action: Administration

9. Adjournment