County Administratorís Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

March 7, 2001

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order - Kit Smith

Invocation - Jim Tuten

Adoption of Agenda - Adopted with the additions of Extension of Billboard Moratorium as item 3b; and Blue Cross/Blue Shield Petition for Annexation as item 8e.

Citizen's Input - Several citizens spoke.

Approval of Minutes

-Special Called Meeting, January 23, 2001 - Adopted as submitted.
-Regular Session, February 20, 2001 - Adopted as amended.
-Zoning Public Hearing, February 27, 2001 - Adopted as submitted.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items - Items b and d under the Report of Economic Development Committee are executive session items.

Report of County Administrator

  1. NACo Conference - The County Administrator commented that the conference this week in Washington DC was very productive.
  2. Clean Water South Carolina Meeting - The County Administrator asked if any Council Member was interested in attending this meeting to discuss water quality issues on March 8th in Lugoff/Elgin at 6:30 pm.

Open/Close Public Hearing Item - A public hearing was held for item 2a.

Approval of Consent Items

  1. Resolution for Bernie McGuire, SC Tennis Hall of Fame - Approved this resolution commending Mr. McGuire. Action: Clerk of Council
  2. Resolution for Bob Pulliam, Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee - Approved this resolution commending Mr. Pulliam. Action: Clerk of Council
  3. Resolution for Douglas Oates, SC Flight Instructor of the Year - Approved this resolution commending Mr. Oates. Action: Clerk of Council
  4. Resolution for Austin Newman, South Carolina Youth Volunteer - Approved this resolution commending Mr. Newman. Action: Clerk of Council
  5. Sheriff's Department: Portable Radios - Approved request to purchase 77 portable radios in the amount of $115,500, with the County's portion of this expense being $11,500, representing the required 10% matching funds of the grant used to purchase this equipment. Action: Sheriff/Procurement
  6. Babcock Center: Resolution - Approved this resolution necessary for a SC Department of Transportation grant, designating it as an organization in Richland County able to provide transportation to people with disabilities. Action: Clerk Of Council/Administration
  7. Finance: Deobligating Bonds - Approved the redirection of $326,828.51 in remaining bond proceeds for improvements to the Detention Center and its surrounding area, including a lightning protection system, community improvements and new expansion start-up costs. Action: Finance
  8. State Farmer's Market: Resolution - Approved a Resolution supporting the location of the Farmer's Market remaining in Richland County. Action: Clerk of Council
  9. Community Development: "Year of the Neighborhood" - Approved request to declare 2001 as the "Year of the Neighborhood" in Richland County. Action: Administration

1. Third Reading Item

  1. 01-26MA, Alan B. Kahn, Clemson University, from C-1 to RG-2 and C-3, NE Corner of North Springs and Clemson Road - Deferred to March 20, 2001 Council Meeting. Info: Planning/Legal

2. Second Reading Item (Public Hearing)

  1. Approval of an Ordinance Authorizing a Development Agreement between Richland County, South Carolina and Village at Sandhill, LLC, and Other Matters Related Thereto - Second reading approval given to this ordinance authorizing the execution of a Development Agreement. Also scheduled another public hearing on this item to be held on March 20th at 4:00 in the Council Chambers. Info: planning/legal

3. First Reading Items

  1. 01-23MA (public hearing held 1/23/012 Planning Commission recommended approval), Wendy Luce, First Commercial Company, from D-1 to C-3, South Side Rabon Road East of Farrow Road - First reading given to this rezoning request. Info: Planning/Legal
  2. Billboard Moratorium - First reading by title only to an ordinance amendment extending the billboard moratorium to July 31, 2001. Info: Planning/Legal

4. Report Of Rules And Appointments Committee

  1. Appointments to the Building Board of Adjustment and Appeal - Appointed Mr. George R. Little to fill one of four vacancies. Action: Clerk of Council
  2. Council Rules - Gave notice to Council that revisions to the Council Rules will be considered during its March 20th Committee Meeting and reported to Council during the March 20th Council Meeting. Info: Legal/Clerk Of Council

5. Report Of Administration And Finance Committee (Special Called Meeting) (forwarded from Council Meeting held February 20, 2001)

  1. Convention Center - Approved the execution of the Governmental Entities Funding Agreement, and the Township Agreement, and agreed that Council's proposed amendments will be addressed in the Convention Center Authority By-Laws. Action: Administration/Legal/Clerk of Council

6. Report of Development and Services Committee

  1. Ordinance Amendment: Increase in County Code Violation Penalty - First reading approval given to an ordinance amendment that increases the maximum penalty for code violations from $200.00 to $500.00. Info: Planning/Legal
  2. Meeting with Columbia Venture - Announced that a Special Called D&S Committee Meeting will be held on April 2nd at 6:00 pm in the Administrator's large conference room to discuss the Columbia Venture Project with the City, School District One and Columbia Venture. Action: Administration/Clerk of Council

7. Report of Administration and Finance Committee

  1. Bond Court: Additional Hours - Tabled until solution is found. Info: Administration/Finance/Legal

8. Report of Economic Development Committee

  1. Schmalbach Lubeca - First reading approval given to an ordinance consenting to revisions to the lease agreement between Richland County and Schmalbach Lubeca and the lease agreement between Richland County and Wilmington Trust Company to provide for a sale-leaseback arrangement between Schmalbach Lubeca and its affiliates. Info: Administration/Legal
  2. SYSCO Issue - Taken up in executive session.
  3. Informational Report: Affect of FILOT/MCIP Agreement on Annexation - Received as information. Info: Administration/Legal
  4. Consideration of Incentives for expansion of Verizon Wireless - Taken up in executive session.
  5. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Petition for Annexation - Approved a Resolution consenting to the County executing a petition for annexation as property owner of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield site, in order for the Company to receive water from the City of Columbia. Action: Administration/Clerk of Council

9. Approval of Resolution

  1. A Resolution Commending the Employees of the Richland County Emergency Services Department - Approved. Action: Clerk of Council

10. Motion Period/Announcements

  1. Smith - Referred appointments to Regional Transit Authority to Rules and Appointments Committee. Action: Clerk of Council
  2. Smith - Announced that Lexington County Council notified Richland County of its appointment to the Riverbanks Zoo Board.
  3. Smith - Announced that she has scheduled a lunch meeting with the Museum on Tuesday May 1st, and invited other Council Members to attend.
  4. Tuten - Requested clarification on the budget forums scheduled next month. The Administrator answered his questions.

11. Citizen's Input - No one spoke.

12. Executive Session

  1. Personnel Matter - Withdrawn.
  2. SYSCO Issue: Contractual Matter - Approved Agreement contingent upon final legal review. Action: Legal/Administration
  3. Consideration of Incentives for Verizon Expansion - Directed Administrator to pursue incentive as discussed in executive session. Action: Administration

13. Adjournment