County Administrator’s Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

May 15, 2001

6:00 p.m.

Call to Order – Kit Smith

Invocation – Jim Tuten

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items – The two items below require an executive session:

  1. Contractual Matter: Garbage Service
  2. Economic Development Matter: Revised MOU for Unannounced Company

Adoption of Agenda – Adopted as submitted.

Presentation of Resolutions

  1. Mrs. Marie Frierson: Foster Parent AwardPresented by Council Member Tillis.
  2. Dreher High School: 3A State Basketball ChampionshipPresented by Council Members Mizzell and Pearce.
  3. Ms. Jeanne Stiglebauer: S.C. School Principal of the YearPresented by Council Member Pearce.
  4. Ms. Traci Young Cooper: S.C. Teacher of the YearDeferred.
  5. March of Dimes: Presentation of Check to March of DimesPresented by County Administrator Cary McSwain.

Citizen’s Input – Several citizens spoke.

Approval of Minutes

Regular Session: April 17, 2001 – Adopted as revised.

Zoning Public Hearing: April 24, 2001 – Adopted as revised.

Regular Session: May 1, 2001 – Adopted as revised.

Report of County Administrator

  1. Broad River Heights The County Administrator announced that he is meeting with Council Member Livingston this Thursday the 17th to discuss a possible acquisition/donation of land adjacent to Broad River Heights as part of the County’s community development efforts.
  2. Levee Field TripThe County Administrator announced that a tentative date of May 24th from 2-5 pm has been set for the field trip to Augusta, Georgia to see their levees. Council requested that the trip be postponed until after the budget has been adopted, and referred the issue to the Green Diamond Task Force. Action: Administration
  3. Planning Co-LocationThe County Administrator announced that the Planning Co-Location Task Force will meet on May 18th at 11:30 in the Mayor’s Office to review the current options and make a recommendation.
  4. Budget Work SessionsThe County Administrator distributed a work session calendar.

Approval Of Consent Items

  1. 01-47MA, H.B. Mann, Landtech LLC, from PUD-2 to Amended PUD-2, Hardscrabble RoadThird reading approval given to this rezoning request. Action: Planning/Legal
  2. Approval of an Ordinance Confirming Council’s Policy on Multi-County Business Park Fee DistributionThird reading approval of an ordinance confirming the County’s distribution of fees derived from a Multi-County Business Park in the following manner:

1) to first reimburse itself for any County funds expended to provide an incentive to an economic development project locating in the Park;

2) to share such portion of the Park revenues with Fairfield County as required by the agreement establishing a particular phase of the Park;

3) to distribute the remaining Park revenues among the tax entities within the County that would otherwise be entitled to a share of the Park revenues if such revenues were regular ad valorum taxes instead of a fee;

4) and to make such distribution in the same proportion as ad valorum taxes would be distributed.

Action: Administration/Legal

1. Third Reading Items

  1. 01-21TA, Floodways Third reading given to this zoning text amendment that revises permitted uses within floodways. Action: Planning/Legal

2. Second Reading Items

  1. Bond for Detention Center Expansion and Other ProjectsDeferred until a work session can be held.
  2. SYSCO: Water and SewerSecond reading approval as amended given to this budget amendment in an amount not to exceed $165,000 from the Economic Development Fund designated within the General Fund for the water and sewer connection to SYSCO. Info: Finance/Administration

3. First Reading Items

  1. FY 2001-02 Budget OrdinanceFirst reading approval given to the Administrator’s recommended budget. Info: Finance/Administration
  2. FY 2001-02 Millage OrdinancesFirst reading approval given to the Administrator’s recommended funding levels. Info: Finance/Administration
  3. Billboard OrdinanceFirst reading approval given to an ordinance that establishes a one-for-one cap and replace with no incentives. Info: Planning/Legal

4. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee

  1. Notification of Appointments to the Building Board of Adjustment and Appeal – Received as information.
  2. Notification of Appointments to the Richland Memorial Hospital Board – Received as information.
  3. Notification of Appointments to the Township Auditorium Board – Received as information.
  4. Appointments to the Greater Columbia Convention Authority – Received as information.
  5. Regional Transit Authority Appointments – Appointed Mr. J.W. "Jake" Clamp, Mr. William J. Hines, Jenny L. Screen, and Bernice Skinner.Action:Clerk Of Council
  6. Rules Amendments – Approved recommended changes to the Council Rules. Action: Clerk Of Council

5. Report Of Economic Development Committee

  1. Consideration of Revised MOU for Unannounced CompanyTaken up in executive session.
  2. Progress Report/Draft MOUs for Technology Alliance and USC Incubator Deferred to next Council Meeting.
  3. Issue Concerning Verizon ExpansionApproved absorbing the cost to the Town of Forest Acres incurred through the Multi-County Business Park expansion to be given to Verizon. Action: Administration

6. Report Of Budget Work Session

  1. Group Health, Dental, and Life InsuranceApproved the County Administrator’s recommendation. Action: Finance/Human Resources/Administration
  2. Property and Casualty InsuranceApproved the County Administrator’s recommendation. Action: Finance/Administration
  3. Long Term DisabilityDeferred to the next Council Meeting.

7. Executive Session Items

  1. Contractual Matter: Garbage ServiceDirected the Administrator to send a cure letter to the company to remedy problems within 30 days. Action: Administration
  2. Economic Development Matter: Revised MOU for Unannounced Company - Approved revised Memorandum of Understanding as recommended by the Economic Development Committee. Action: Administration

8. Citizen’s Input – No one spoke.

9. Motion Period/Announcements – None made.

10. Adjournment