County Administrator’s Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

June 19, 2001

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order – Kit Smith

Invocation – Jim Tuten

Presentation Of Resolutions: Fema Training Participants, Mt. Weather, Virginia, April 2001 – Presented by Buddy Meetze and Greg Pearce.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items – Executive session items are as follows:

      1. Personnel Matter (Meetze, Scott, Tillis, Tuten): Planning Department
      2. Contractual Matter: Garbage Contract
      3. Personnel Matter: Detention Center

Adoption Of Agenda – Adopted as submitted, with executive session scheduled after the second citizen’s input.

Citizen’s Input – Several citizens one spoke.

Approval of Minutes

— Regular Session: June 5, 2001 – Adopted as submitted.

Report of County Administrator

  1. FEMA Meeting – The County Administrator announced that FEMA has cancelled its meeting scheduled for June 20th concerning the final Congaree FIRM. Once FEMA informs the County as to when the meeting will be rescheduled, Council will be notified immediatedly.
  2. Community Meeting – The County Administrator announced that DHEC is holding a community meeting at the Summit Parkway Middle School on Wednesday, June 20th at 7:00 pm to discuss the possible lewisite soil contamination issue in the area.

Open/Close Public Hearings – Public hearings held for FY 2001-02 Budget Ordinance and FY 2001-02 Millage Ordinances.

Approval Of Consent Items

  1. Bond for Detention Center Expansion and Other Projects – Third reading approval given to an ordinance authorizing the issuance and sale of general obligation bonds in the principal amount not to exceed $20,600,000 for the Detention Center expansion and other projects. Action: Finance/Administration
  2. 01-51MA, Marion Turbeville, Stanley Baldwin, from RS-1 to PDD, Hazelwood Road – Third reading given to this rezoning request. Info: Planning/Legal
  3. Ordinance Amendment: International Building Code – Second reading approval of an ordinance amendment that replaces the 1997 building codes with the 2000 International Building Code. Info: Planning/Legal
  4. Ordinance Amendment: Planning and Development Services – Second reading approval given to this ordinance amendment that accompanies item c above that updates and corrects various section headings and sections. Info: Planning/Legal
  5. Approval of Budget Amendment and Letter of Agreement for the USC Incubator Center – Second reading approval to a budget amendment in the amount of $25,000 from this fiscal year’s economic development fund to the Incubator. Action: Administration
  6. Approval of Budget Amendment and Letter of Agreement for the SC Technology Alliance – Second reading approval to a budget amendment in the amount of $125,000 from this fiscal year’s economic development fund to the Technology Alliance.

1. Second Reading Items

  1. FY 2001-02 Budget – Second reading approval to the County Budget Ordinance with the following amendments:
      1. Increased Columbia Museum of Art appropriation from $400,000 to $415,000.
      2. Reduced Salvation Army appropriation from $50,000 to $0, and redistributed $15,000 to the Columbia Museum of Art as shown in #1 above; and redistributed $35,000 to EdVenture as shown in #5 below.
      3. Increased Columbia Urban League appropriation from $24,375 to $25,000.
      4. Added EdVenture as a contractual agency with appropriation shown above in #2.
      5. Added Santee Wateree Regional Transportation Authority as contractual agency with appropriation of $10,226.
      6. Added appropriation of $306,650 to fund 2 Magistrate Judges and Bond Court.
      7. Added provision for designated fund balance amount for Sheriff’s Department grant match for COPS UHP (30 deputies), COPS MORE, and Mobile Data System in a total amount of $525,000.
      8. Added Trustus Theater appropriation of $25,000 from 2001-02 fiscal year and $25,000 from 2002-03 fiscal year, contingent upon availability of surplus funds from accommodations taxes above and beyond the County’s threshold balance amount of $100,000.
      9. Increased appropriation to Public Defender from $875,000 to $955,000.
      10. Increased Columbia Area Mental Heath Center appropriation by $88,949 for a total of $1,174,000.
      11. Increased Recreation Commission budget to $5,400,000.
      12. Set School District One budget at $115,113,500.
      13. Set School District Two budget at $48,179,946.

Info: Finance/Administration

b. FY 2001-02 Millage Ordinance – Second reading approval of ordinance authorizing the levying of ad valorem property taxes which, together with the prior year’s carryover and inventory tax reimbursement will provide revenues in the amount of $292,161,871.00 and any additional amount appropriated by Richland County Council prior to July 1, 2001, for the operations of Richland County Government during the period from July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2002. Info: Finance/Auditor

2. Report Of Rules And Appointments Committee

  1. Notification of Vacancies on the Building Board of Adjustment – Received as information.
  2. Appointments to the Midlands Regional Convention Center Authority – Appointments made but later delayed due to one of the appointments needing to be in the hotel/motel industry.
  3. Appointments to the Richland Memorial Hospital Board – Appointed Mr. Richard T. Laughridge, Ann Pringle Washington, and James H. Suddeth. Action: Clerk Of Council
  4. Appointments to the Township Auditorium Board – Deferred.

3. Citizen’s Input – No one spoke.

4. Executive Session

  1. Personnel Matter: Planning Department – Received as information.
  2. Contractual Matter: Garbage Contract – Received as information.
  3. Personnel Matter: Detention Center – Received as information.

5. Motion Period/Announcements – None made.

6. Adjournment