County Administrator’s Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

July 17, 2001

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order – Kit Smith

Invocation – Jim Tuten


a. Keep America Beautiful – Ms. Mary Pat Baldauf: Ms. Baldauf, Director of the Keep America Beautiful of the Midlands, presented George Wilson, Director of Special Services, with a donated yard vacuum in appreciation for the County’s beautification efforts.

Point of Personal Privilege (Pearce) – Council Member Pearce recognized Ms. Mullen Taylor, Assistant to the County Administrator, for her acceptance into USC School of Law, and for her work with Richland County.

Adoption Of Agenda – Adopted with the addition of an executive session, and added "Approval of Resolution Appointing Alvin P. Swindler as Code Enforcement Officer" to the consent agenda.

Citizen’s Input – None.

Approval of Minutes

Report Of County Attorney For Executive Session Matters – The County Attorney reported that a and b under the County Administrator’s Report are possible executive session items.

Report Of County Administrator

  1. Update on Cloud Sanitation – Taken up in executive session.
  2. Employee Grievance – Council approved the County Administrator’s recommendation. Action: Human Resources/Administration
  3. FEMA Meeting – The County Administrator announced that FEMA will be meeting with local governments to discuss the Congaree FIRM process on July 25th at 7:30 am in the Administrator’s back conference room.

Open/Close Public Hearings

Approval of Consent Items

  1. Ordinance Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2001 C – Third reading approval given to this ordinance authorizing refunding bonds in a principal amount not exceeding $13,500,000.00. Action: Finance
  2. 01-41MA, Julius Trapp, from RS-3 to C-1, 5421 Knightner Street – Third reading approval given to this rezoning request. Action: Planning/Legal
  3. An Ordinance Authorizing a Development Agreement between Richland County, South Carolina and Lake Carolina Development, Inc. and Other Matters Related Thereto – Third reading approval given to this ordinance authorizing the execution of a development agreement. Action: Planning/Legal
  4. Ordinance: Closing of Bynam Road to Through Truck Traffic – Second reading approval given to an ordinance closing Bynam Road to through truck traffic. Info: Administration/Sheriff
  5. Business License Ordinance Amendment for SYSCO – Second reading approval given to this ordinance adding a new business category and corresponding fee schedule. Info: Administration
  6. Resolution Appointing Alvin P. Swindler as a Code Enforcement Officer – Approved. Action: Clerk of Council

1. Third Reading Item

  1. Outdoor Advertising: Billboard Ordinance – Third reading approval as amended of an ordinance amendment that creates a permanent moratorium on new billboards in Richland County. Action: Planning/Legal

2. Second Reading Items

  1. Ordinance Amendment: Parking Tickets – Second reading approval given to this ordinance establishing regulations for traffic violations and parking on County property. Info: Legal/Magistrates/Sheriff

3. Report of Administration and Finance Committee

  1. Procurement: Contract Renewals – Approved renewals for FY 01-02. Action: Administration/Procurement

4. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee

  1. Appointments to the Community Relations Council – Appointed Mr. Lewis Broome, III, Mr. Durham E. Carter, Mr. Thomas F. Hudson, and Ms. Gloria S. James. Action: Clerk of Council

5. Report of Local Option Task Force

  1. Resolution: Authorization for Referendum – Approved. Action: Clerk of Council/Administration
  2. Ordinance: Roll-Back Percentage – First reading approval given to an ordinance as amended to delete certain language contained in the preamble and add language establishing a 90% roll-back percentage, with the 10% not used for property tax relief dedicated for county-wide neighborhood infrastructure improvements such as water, sewer, sidewalks and roads. Disadvantaged communities will be targeted first for funding such improvement projects. Info: Administration

6. Citizen’s Input – None.

7. Executive Session

  1. Contractual Matter: Update on Cloud Sanitation – Received a report from the County Administrator and Council’s directive will be announced tomorrow (July 18).

8. Motion Period/Announcements – None.

9. Adjournment