County Administrator’s Report of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

October 2, 2001

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order – Kit Smith

Invocation – Jim Tuten

Adoption of Agenda – Adopted with the addition of discussion of Owens Airport as the first item.

Presentation of Resolutions

    1. Keenan High School– Tillis presented this resolution to Keenan for a significant increase in SAT Scores.
    2. Sack Edge for retirement – Pearce presented a certificate to Mr. Edge for his retirement and outstanding service to Richland County.


Mr. Arthur Collier, Executive Director Cooperative Ministries – Mr. Collier thanked the Council for funds that are used to help the homeless and invited Council to visit the Ministries.

Citizen’s Input – Two citizens spoke to an agenda item

Approval Of Minutes

Regular session: September 18, 2001 – Approved as submitted.

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters – Items 4e, 7, 8, and 9 were recommended for executive session.

Report of County Administrator

  1. Introduction of Carrie Tolley, Finance Director, and Ashley Jacobs, Assistant to the County Administrator
  2. County Administrator clarified information printed in a newspaper article on sewer projects.
  3. Agenda for mid-year retreat
  4. County Administrator stated that the restriction prohibiting aircraft from Owens Airport from flying over a collegiate athletic facility or the State Fairgrounds would remain in place.

Approval of Consent Items – items 3.b., 3.c., 3.d., 3.e., 3.f., 4.f., 5.a., 5.b., 5.c. were approved

1. Discussion Of Owens Airport – Council expressed confidence in Mr. Hamilton as the Airport Manager and appreciation for the withdrawal of his resignation.

2. Third Reading Items

  1. FY-2001-02 Millage Rates – Council approved with revised millage numbers from the County Auditor. Action: Administration/Auditor/Finance

3. Second Reading Items

    1. 02-013MA, Stewart Mungo, From RU to PUD-1, 02600-04-32, 35(P) and 49 Broad River Road – Second reading approval. Action: Planning/Legal
    2. 02-014MA, Greg Lehman, P.W. Tracts, From RU to PDD, 02415-02-02(P), Dutch Fork Road – Second reading approval. Action: Planning/Legal
    3. 02-016MA, Donald Melton, J.P. Rogers, From RU to RS-1, 02600-04-28, 11214 Broad River Road– Second reading approval. Action: Planning/Legal
    4. Ordinance: Fee Agreement for SYSCO PUBLIC HEARING– Second reading approval. Action: Planning/Legal
    5. Ordinance: Multi-County Industrial Park Expansion for SYSCO – Second reading approval. Action: Administration/Legal
    6. Ordinance: Multi-County Industrial Park Expansion for Verizon – Second reading approval. Action: Administration/Legal

4. Report of Development and Services Committee

    1. Ordinance Amendment: Sec. 21-9. Road Closing – Action: Administration/Legal/Public Works
    2. Feasibility Study: Longtown Connector – Council voted not to do a feasibility study
    3. Ordinance Amendment: Landfills & Composting Facilities – Action: Administration/Legal/Solid Waste/Special Services

5. Report of Administration and Finance Services Committee

  1. Detention Center: Food Service Management – Committee recommended authorizing staff to enter into a contract with Food Service Management and provide Council members with menus and their costs. Action:
  2. Sheriff’s Department – Committee recommended authorizing the purchase of eight Fleet Crown Victorias and 33 Crown Victorias to replace old vehicles, in the budgeted amounts of $202, 400 and $834,900, respectively. Action: Sheriff’s Department/Procurement
  3. Legal: Ordinance Amendment; Discharge of Firearms – Committee recommended that Council approve an amendment to Section 18-1 of the Richland County Code of Ordinances. First Reading approved. Action: Legal/Sheriff’s Department
  4. Carolina Carillon Holiday Parade – Council voted to deny request for funding.
  5. EXECUTIVE SESSION ITEM: Land Purchase for Fire Station – Authorized administration to proceed and bring back report on financing. Action: Administration/Emergency Services

6. Request by Councilmembers Brill, Pearce & Smith

  1. Increase in Garbage Fees – Deferred to next Council meeting

7. Report Of Rules And Appointments Committee

  1. Midlands Workforce Development Board – Council approved appointment of two new members. Action: Clerk To Council

8. Personnel Matter: From Motion Period of September 18, 2001

9. Personnel Matter: Evaluation of Clerk of Council – Authorized Chair and Vice Chair to present evaluation to Clerk of Council and if Clerk agrees, the information will be released to the public at the next meeting.

10. Personnel Matter: Evaluation of County Administrator -- Authorized Chair and Vice Chair to present evaluation to County Administrator and if Administrator agrees, the information will be released to the public at the next meeting.

11. Motion Period/Announcements – Scott asked staff to consider Old Congaree Swamp Road for paving. Brill asked a question about the Magistrate’s Office.

12. Citizen’s Input – no one spoke

13. Adjournment