County Administrator’s Report Of Council Actions

Regular Session Meeting

December 4, 2001

6:00 p.m.


Call to Order – Kit Smith

Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance – Jim Tuten

Presentation of Resolutions –

    1. Webber Elementary School – Webber School was recognized for a significant increase in their PACT scores
    2. Chef Francois Fisera – Chef Fisera was recognized as the Frenchman for November and December

Presentations –

    1. Mr. Gilbert Walker – Columbia Housing Authority – Mr. Walker gave the Council an update on activities
    2. Mr. T. Patrick Brennan – Historic Columbia Foundation – Mr. Brennan gave the Council of update on activities

Adoption of Agenda – The agenda was adopted as submitted

Citizen’s Input – No one spoke

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters – The County Attorney did not recommend any items for executive session

Approval of Minutes –

November 20, 2001: Regular Session – Approved as submitted

November 27, 2001: Special Called Meeting – Approved as submitted

Report of County Administrator – Mr. McSwain made the following announcements:

    1. There will be a budget meeting with Directors on December 13th.
    2. Staff is working on a retreat date and asks Council members to set aside the second weekend in January.
    3. Gaston Copper Recycling is having a meeting updating the community on its environmental cleanup project.

Open/Close Public Hearings –Public hearings for Items 2a and 4b were opened and closed.

Approval of Consent Items – Items 3c and 4a were removed from the consent agenda. Items 2a, 2d, 3a, 3b, 3d, 4b, and 4c were approved for the consent agenda.

1. Third Reading Items

    1. Ordinance authorizing Inducement Agreement between Richland County and ALD providing for payment of a fee in lieu of taxesCouncil gave third reading approval. Action: Administration/Legal

2. Second Reading Items

    1. An Ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of a Fee Agreement by and between Richland County, South Carolina and Plasti-Line Columbia, Inc. providing for payment of a fee-in-lieu of taxes The item was given second reading approval. Action: Administration/Legal
    2. 01-019MA
      Joseph Agnew
      Ronda Agnew
      From RS-1 to PDD
      02408-3-01 & 02
      216 Shadowood & 1005 Carl Shealy Roads –
      The item was given second reading approval. Action: Planning/Legal
    3. 02-024MA
      M.H. Johnson
      G.I. Elkin
      From D-1 to M-1
      2166 LeGrand Road –
      The item was given second reading approval. Action: Planning/Legal
    4. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Infrastructure Credit Agreement – The item was given second reading approval. Action: Administration/Legal

3. Report of Development and Services Committee

    1. Proposed Tax Assessment District for Village at Sandhills – The item was approved. Action: Administration
    2. Award of Contracts: On Call Engineering Services – The item was approved. Action: Administration/Public Works/Procurement
    3. Contract Extensions: Solid Waste Collection -- The item was deferred to December 11. Action: Administration/Legal/Solid Waste/Procurement
    4. Letter of Support for Curtis-Wright Hangar Renovation Grant – The item was approved. Action: Administration

4. Report Of Administration And Finance Committee

    1. Sheriff’s Department: COPS in Schools Grant – The item was approved with the county and the school district dividing the cost. Action: Sheriff’s Department/Finance
    2. JEDA Loan for Columbia Jewish Community Center – The item was approved. Action: Administration
    3. GIS-Vendor List for Contract Awards – The item was approved. Action: IT

5. Report of Economic Development Committee

    a. Consideration of a waiver of the covenant provisions for the Industrial Park for School District Two – The item was approved, contingent upon legal research. Action:

6. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee – Mr. Livingston informed the Council of vacancies on the following boards:

    1. Historic Columbia Foundation – 1
    2. Planning Commission – 2
Council approved the following appointments to committees and boards:
    1. Building Board of Adjustment and Appeal – Franklin Clark and Michael Houck were appointed. The remaining 4 slots were advertised.
    2. Employee Grievance Committee – Sharon Sims was appointed and the remaining slot was advertised.
    3. Midlands Commission of Homelessness – Reverend Winford Thompson was appointed.
    4. Music Festival Commission – Lila Hopkins was appointed.
    5. Performing Arts Festival – Sarah Watson and Mettauer Carlisle were appointed. The remaining slot was advertised.

7. Citizen’s Input – No one spoke

8. Motion Period/Announcements –

    1. Council Chair Smith announced that Council will have the following meetings in December:
      1. Special Called Meeting, December 11th
      2. Special Called Meeting, December 13th
      3. Regular Meeting, December 18th
    1. Council Chair Smith announced that the first Council meeting in January will be Tuesday, January 8th, a Special Called Meeting.
    2. Council Chair Smith announced that Committee meetings are cancelled for the month of December.
    3. Council member Scott made a motion to have an update on Washington Park House.
    4. Council member Brill asked about retreat dates.
    5. Council member Mizzell recognized Joe Arnot, from the Berkeley Forest Neighborhood Association and Bob Render from the St. Marks Woods Neighborhood Association.
    6. Council member Meetze requested a report at the next Council meeting on emergency preparedness
    7. Council Chair Smith asked staff to let consultants for the Green Diamond Task Force know that the December 13th meeting has been cancelled.
    8. Council member Scott recognized Greg Pearce for being selected for the Board of the Association of Counties

9. Adjournment