Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.


Richland County Council
Regular Session
January 2, 2001
6:00 p.m.

Call to Order


Election of Chair [Page 1]

Election of Vice-Chair [Page 1]

Selection of Seats [Page 1]

Adoption of Agenda

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items

a. McClanahan vs. Richland County

Report of County Administrator

Opening/Closing of Public Hearings

Approval of Consent Items

1. Third Reading Items

a. Legal: Paid time off for employees to vote in General election [CONSENT ITEM] [Page 2]

b. CASA: Full-time grant position for staff attorney [CONSENT ITEM] [PUBLIC HEARING] [Page 3]

c. Participation in Southeast high speed rail study

d. Budget Amendment: Township renovations

e. Ordinance authorizing an expenditure for the USC
[Pages 8-9]

2. Second Reading Items

a. Detention Center: Privatization of Medical Services
[CONSENT ITEM] [Pages 10-11]

b. Resolution vacating Richland County's property interest in Robertson Creek Road [CONSENT ITEM] [Page 12]

3. Report of Administration and Finance Committee (deferred from 12/19/00 council meeting)

a. Central Carolina Economic Development Alliance: Old/New agreements

4. Report of Rules and Appointment Committee
(deferred from 12/19/00 council meeting) [Page 13]

a. Appointments to the Planning Commission-1 [Pages 14-19]

5. Citizen's Input

6. Motion Period/Announcements

7. Adjournment