Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.


Richland County Council
Regular Session
March 20, 2001
6:00 p.m.

Call to Order


Presentation of Resolutions (Bob Pulliam; Douglas Oates; Austin Newman; Bernie McGuire; Emergency Services)

Adoption of Agenda

Citizen's Input

Approval of Minutes

Regular Session: March 7, 2001 [Pages 2-8]

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters

Report of County Administrator

Approval of Consent Items

1. Third Reading Items

a. Approval of an ordinance authorizing a Development Agreement between Richland County, South Carolina and Village at Sandhill, LLC and other matters related thereto. [Pages [CONSENT ITEM] [Pages 9-81]

b. 01-26MA
Alan B. Kahn
Clemson University
From C-1 to RG-2 and C-3
(deferred from Council meeting of 03/07/01)
[Page 82]

2. Second Reading Items

a. 01-23MA
Wendy Luce
First Commercial Company
From D-1 to C-3
South Side Rabon Road Just East of Farrow Road [Page 83] [CONSENT ITEM]

b. Ordinance Amendment: Increase in County Code Violation [ Pages 84-85] [CONSENT ITEM]

c. Schmalbach Lubeca [PUBLIC HEARING] [CONSENT ITEM] [Pages 86-89]

d. Business Directory Signs [Pages 90-91] [CONSENT ITEM]

e. 01-37MA
Dibble Manning
Manning/Johnson Family LLC
From M-2 to M-1
475 Killian Road [CONSENT ITEM]
[Page 92]

3. First Reading Items

a. Storm Water Management Ordinance [Pages 93-127]

b. Conservation Commission Ordinance
[Pages 128-133]

c. Littering Penalty Ordinance [Pages 134-135]

4. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee

a. Notification of Vacancy on Building Board of Adjustment and Appeal-3 [Page 136]

5. Motion Period/Announcements

6. Citizen's Input

7. Adjournment