Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.


Richland County Council
Regular Session
April 3, 2001
6:00 p.m.

Call To Order


Adoption Of Agenda

Presentation Of Resolutions:

a. Emergency Services Department

b. Ms. Austin Newman, S.C. Volunteer of the Year

Citizen's Input

Approval of Minutes

Regular Session: March 20, 2001 [Pages 2-7]

Report Of County Attorney For Executive Session Matters

Report Of County Administrator

Open/Close Public Hearing Items

Approval Of Consent Items

1. Third Reading Items

a. 01-23MA
Wendy Luce
First Commercial Company
From D-1 to C-3
South Side Rabon Road Just East of Farrow Road
[Consent] [Page 8]

b. Ordinance Amendment: Increase in County Code Violation [Consent Item] [Public Hearing]
[Page 9]

c. Schmalbach Lubeca [Consent] [Pages 10-12]

d. Business Directory Signs [Consent] [Pages 13-14]

e. 01-37MA
Dibble Manning
Manning/Johnson Family LLC
From M-2 to M-1
475 Killian Road [Consent] [Page 15]

f. Billboard Moratorium [Consent] [Pages 16-17]

2. Second Reading Items

a. Storm Water Management Ordinance [Consent]
[Pages 18-51]

b. Conservation Commission Ordinance [Consent]
[Pages 52-57]

c. Littering Penalty Ordinance [Consent]
[Pages 58-59]

d. 01-15MA
Thomas McGee
From RU to C-2
4114 Hard Scrabble Road [Consent]
[Page 60]

e. 01-44MA
Roy W. Derrick
From D-1 to C-3
3516 Broad River Road [Consent]
[Page 61]

f. Stan Mack
Thomas Burkett
From D-1 to C-3
Buckner Road [Consent]
[Page 62]

g. 01-46MA
Chip Carter
Very Small Properties
From RG-2 to C-3
Percival Road [Consent] [Page 63]

h. Sexually Oriented Businesses [Consent]
[Page 64]

i. Landscape Ordinance [Consent]
[Page 65]

3. Report Of Development And Services Committee [Page 66]

a. Change Order - Wiley Easton Construction Contract [Consent]

b. Easement for SCE&G Pressure Release Station
[Consent] [Page 67]

c. Quit Claim Deeds for Woodcreek Development and the Ridge [Consent] [Pages 68-77]

4. Report Of Administration And Finance Committee [Page 78-79]

a. Appearance Commission: Voting Members [Consent] [Page 80]

b. Election Commission: Voting Machine Preventative Maintenance [Consent]

c. Finance: Spending Resolution for the Township and Detention Center [Consent]

d. Treasurer's Office; Military Forest Funds
[Pages 81-82]

e. Detention Center: Pilot Project for House Arrest [Consent]

f. Sheriff's Department Vehicles [Consent]

g. Airport Commission: Lease Agreement for Curtiss Wright Hangar [Consent]

5. Approval Of Resolutions

a. Dreher High School 3A State Basketball Championship [Consent] [Page 83]

b. Keenan High School 3A State Basketball Championship [Consent] [Page 84]

c. Ms. Jeanne Stiglbauer

d. Mr. Walter Todd

6. Motion Period/Announcements

7. Citizen's Input

8. Adjournment