Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Richland County Council
Regular Session
November 6, 2001
6:00 p.m.

Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance

Adoption of Agenda

Presentation of Proclamation - Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, November 11-17, 2001 - Councilman Pearce

Presentation - Historic Columbia Foundation Director/CEO

Citizen's Input

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items

a. Land Purchase for Fire Station

Approval of Minutes

October 16, 2001: Regular Session [Pages 2-7]

October 23, 2001: Zoning Public Hearing [Pages 8-10]

Report of County Administrator

a. Solid Waste Collection Contracts

Open/Close Public Hearings
1.A., 1.B., 1.C., 1.D., 1.E., 2.A., 2.B., 2.C., 2.D.

Approval Of Consent Items
1.A., 1.B., 1.C., 1.D., 1.E., 2.A., 2.B., 2.C., 2.D., 2.E., 2.F., 2.G.
3.A., 3.B., 4.A., 4.B., 4.C.1., 4.C.2., 4.C.3.,

1. Third Reading Items

a. Ordinance Amendment: Road Closings [Consent] [Public Hearing] [Pages 11-12]

b. Quitclaim Deed: 632 Kentucky Street [Consent]
[Public Hearing] [Page 13]

c. Quitclaim Deed: Peyton Street [Consent]
[Public Hearing] [Page 14]

d. Ordinance Amendment: Landfills & Composting
Facilities [Consent] [Public Hearing]
[Pages 15-23]

e. Legal: Ordinance Amendment: Discharge of Firearms [Consent] [Public Hearing]
[Pages 24-25]

2. Second Reading Items

a. Ordinance: Fee Agreement for ALD [Consent]
[Public Hearing] [Pages 26-28]

b. Ordinance: Multi-County Industrial Park Agreement for ALD [Consent]
[Public Hearing] [Pages 29-30]

c. Ordinance: Fee Agreement for Virtual Growth
[Consent] [Public Hearing] [PAGES 31-33]

d. Ordinance: Multi-County Industrial Park Agreement for Virtual Growth [Consent]
[Public Hearing] [Pages 34-35]

e. 02-18MA
Charles Alford & D. Goodwin
From RU to M-1
02412-02-01(P) TMS
1042 Gates Road [Consent]
[Page 36]

f. 02-19MA
Stan Mack & Bennie Folk
From D-1 to C-3
10029 Broad River Road [CONSENT]
[Page 37]

g. 02-20MA
Stan Mack
Larry Gunter
From D-1 to C-3
1016 Rah Rah Road [Consent]
[Page 38]

3. Report Of Development And Services Committee [Page 39]

a. Lease Agreement: Columbia Owens/STARBASE
[Consent] [Page 40]

b. Ordinance: Closing of Valhalla Drive and Summit Parkway to Through Truck Traffic [Consent]
[Pages 41-42]

c. Award of Contract: Phase II, Haskell Heights Sanitary Sewer Project [Consent]

4. Report Of Administration And Finance Committee [Pages 43-44]

a. Providence Hospital: JEDA Loan [Consent]

b. EMS Grant for Improvements [Consent]

c. Sheriff's Department Purchase of Vehicles [Consent]

1. Purchase of K-9 Vehicles [Consent]
2. Local Law Enforcement Block Grant [Consent]
3. Forensics Lab Services Grant [Consent]
4. Technology Grant

5. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee [Page 45]

a. Vacancy on the The Midlands Commission on Homelessness-1

b. Vacancy on the Music Festival Commission-1

6. Citizen's Input

7. Motion Period/Announcements

8. Adjournment