Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.  


  Richland County Council 
Regular Session 
February 2, 1999 
6:00 p.m.

Call to Order 


Presentation:  City of Columbia - Empowerment Zone 

Citizen's Input 

Approval of Minutes 

Regular Session - January 19, 1999 
Zoning Public Hearing - January 26, 1999 

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Matters 

Adoption of Agenda 

1.  Third Reading Items 

a. Approval of conveyance of water lines serving Amercan Koyo to the City of Columbia
2.  Second Reading Items 
a.  99-004MA Jimmy Sellers from RG-2 to C-3 TMS 196604-05-10 1701 Percival Road 

b.  99-005MA John Wright from RG-1 to C-3 TMS 17010-05-02 Chatsworth Road 

c.  99-006MA Carolyn McLeod from D-1 to RS-2 TMS 22707-03-03 209 Beaver Dam Road

3.  Report of Development and Services Committee 
a.  Presentation by Soil & Water Conservation District 

b.  Consideration of accepting maintainence levee system along the Congaree River 

c.  Request to reopen a dirt road in Gadsden 

d.  Approval of transfer of control of Genesis Cable to Benchmark, Inc.

4.  Report of Administration and Finance Committee 
a.  Consideration of waiving building permit for Harvest Hope Food Bank 

b.  Approval of budget amendment for additional funds for the Unsafe Housing Program 

c.  Approval of a budget amendment for additional funds for probate court 

d.  Approval of a budget amendment for $100,000.00 for railroad improvements for Schmalbach-Lubeca 

e.  Approval for purchase ofr Detention Center Officer's uniforms. 

f.  Approval of award of contract for replacement of rood for the Richland County Public Works Administration Building 

g.  Approval of by-laws for Convention Center 

h.  Approval of comprehensive Annual Financial report for FY 98/99 

i.  10 minute presentation of Richland County Homeownership program

5.  Report of Administration and Finance Committee 
a.  Report of the County Administrator regarding proposal for office space for Central Court and the Eastover Magistrate
6.  Report of Economic Development Committee 
a.  Approval of MOU, Inducement Regulation and Millage Rate Agreement 

b.  Follow-up discussion of incentives for unannounced company. 

c.  Discussion of impact of FEMA flood maps on development in the Congaree Area.

7.  Report of Economic Development Committee 
a.  Approval of resolution consenting to assignment of ownership and control of Holopack to H.I. Corporation
8.  Report of County Administrator 

9.  Citizen's Input 

10.  Motion Period 

11.  Adjournment