Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Richland County Council

Regular Session

February 10, 2004

6:00 p.m.

Call to Order - Honorable Bernice G. Scott, Chairwoman

Invocation - Honorable Kit Smith

Pledge of Allegiance - Honorable Kit Smith

Citizen’s Input

Adoption of Agenda

Report of County Attorney For Executive Session Items

Approval of Minutes

January 20, 2004 [Pages 2-6]

Presentation of Resolution:

Sgt. Jasper T. Joseph

Presentation: Edventure

Report of the County Administrator

Report of the Clerk of Council

Approval of Consent Items [1.a.; 1.b.; 1.c.; 1.d.; 2.a.; 2.b.; 2.c.]

Report of Economic Development Items

1. Report of Development and Services Committee

a. Request to Modify Existing Monitoring Wells at Owens Field Airport, and to Construct New Monitoring Wells at Owens Field Airport and Owens Field Park [Consent[ [Pages 7-15]

b. SCDOT Easement: Farrow Road [Consent] [Pages 16-19]
SCDOT Right of Entry Agreement [Consent] [Pages 20-21]

b. Resolution regarding Proposed Sale of Property Located at 5900 Garners Ferry Road [Consent] [Pages 22-23]

d. Rosewood Drive Improvement Project [Consent]

2. Report of Administration and Finance Committee

a. Budget Ordinance - CASA: Grant and New FTE [Consent]

b. Budget Ordinance - Neighborhood Planner Position [Consent]

c. Budget Ordinance - Animal Care [Consent]

3. Application of Residential Care Home Located at 225 Auburn Leaf Drive [Pages 24-

4. Citizen’s Input

5. Motion Period

a. Resolution honoring the bravery of Melvin Bolton pulling someone from a fire

6. Adjournment