Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Richland County Council

Regular Session

March 2, 2004

6:00 p.m.

Call to Order - Honorable Bernice G. Scott, Chairwoman

Invocation - Honorable Thelma M. Tillis

Pledge of Allegiance - Honorable Thelma M. Tillis

Presentation: Richland Memorial Hospital

Presentation of Resolution:

a. Sgt. Curtis L. Bufford - Detention Center Employee

Citizen's Input

Adoption of Agenda

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items

Approval of Minutes:

Special Called Meeting: February 10, 2004
[Pages 2-7]
Zoning Public Hearing: February 19, 2004
[Pages 8-11]
Zoning Public Hearing: February 24, 2004
[Pages 12-13]

Report of the County Administrator

Report of the Clerk of Council

Open/Close Public Hearing Items
1.c., 1.d., 1.e., 1.f.

Approval of Consent Items
1.a., 1.b., 1.c, 1.d., 1.e., 1.f, 2.a., 2.b., 2.c., 2.d., 2.e., 2.f., 4.b., 4.c.

1. Third Reading Items

a. Ordinance creating Village at Sandhill
Improvement District [Consent]
[Pages 14-21]

b. Bond Ordinance regarding Village at
Sandhill [Consent] [Pages 22-35]

c. Budget Ordinance - CASA: Grant and New
FTE [Public Hearing] [Consent] [Page 36]

d. Budget Ordinance - Neighborhood Planner Position [Public Hearing] [Consent]
[Pages 37-38]

e. Budget Ordinance - Animal Care
[Public Hearing] [Consent]
[Pages 39-40]

f. SCDOT Easement: Farrow Road
[Public Hearing] [Consent]
[Page 41]

2. Second Reading Items

a. 04-22MA
Faye Davis
RU to C-2
Grocery Store
Martin Luther King & Cabin Creek Road
[Consent] [Pages 42-43]

b. 04-19MA
Don Lovett
RU to C-1 (2.0 acres)
Establish an office in an existing residence
North Side Clemson Road west of Killian Green [Consent] [Pages 44-45]

c. 04-23MA
Brickyard 44, LLC
RU to RS-2 (44.0 acres)
Cluster Single Family Residential
Brickyard Road east of Hardscrabble Road
[Consent] [Pages 46-47]

d. 04-26MA
Irene Phillips
11447 Garners Ferry Road [Consent] [Pages 48-49]

e. 04-27MA
John E. Davis
RU to RS-1
Single Family Residences
Rucker Rd. and Johnson Marina Road
[Consent] No Backup at Press Time

f. 04-30MA
Rehobeth Baptist Church
RU to C-1
Office & Institutional
Hardscrabble Rd. next to Rice
Creek Elementary School [Consent]
[Pages 50-51]

3. Report of Development and Services Committee [Page 51a]
(No Items to Report)

4. Report of Administration and Finance Committee [Page 52]

a. Ordinance Amendment: Solicitation
[Pages 53-54]

b. East Richland County Public Service District: contribution [Consent] [Pages 55-58]

c. Palmetto Health Alliance: Lease Agreement, draft [Consent] [Pages 59-101]

5. Report of Economic Development Committee [Page 102]

a. Proposal from Plex [Pages 103-107]

b. Ordinance authorizing lease agreement between Richland County and Siemens Automotive, VDO [Page 108]

c. Fee-in-Lieu of Taxes Extension for
Siemens Diesel Systems Technology, LLC [Pages 109-110]

6. Citizen's Input

7. Motion Period

8. Adjournment