Richland County Council

Administration and Finance Committee


Kit Smith

Mike Montgomery

Paul Livingston

Joseph McEachern

Valerie Hutchinson

District 5

District 8

District 4

District 7

District 9


January 25, 2005

6:00 p.m.


Richland County Council Chambers

County Administration Building

2020 Hampton Street


Call To Order


Election of Chair


Approval of Minutes        December 7, 2004: Regular Session Meeting (Pages 2 4)


Adoption of Agenda


Items for Action

     A.   2005 Department of Defense Economic Impact Grant (Pages 5 9) 

B.     Board of Registration Budget Request (Pages 10 11)


C.  Blue Star Families and Blue Star Mothers of South Carolina (Page 12)


D.     Recognizing Brigadier General Abraham J. Turner, Commander, United States Army Training Center at Fort Jackson (Page 13)


E.     Budget Amendment for the Neighborhood Improvement Fund (Pages 14 17)


F.      Funding Request:  Woodrow Wilson Family Home (Pages 18 19)


Items Pending Analysis

There are no items in this section.


Items for Discussion / Information

      There are no items in this section.





Staffed by Roxanne Matthews